Soundbites Week – Day 3 – From The Hills To The River – Cirencester and Tewkesbury

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Tish Camp Poet - Soundbites Week - Cirencester

So day three of Soundbites Week found us in two towns. In the morning we spent time talking to people in Cirencester. Not all of them were local; we had enthusiastic listeners to poetry hailing from Porthcawl, Austria, Spain and even Australia. At one point, Tish jointly read a poem with a Spanish speaking lover of poetry. They read a  selected poem from ‘Vintage Neruda’, fanning the pages, till he stopped at page 62, ‘Caballero Solo / Lone Gentleman’. In the afternoon we visited Tewkesbury where one of our interviewees there, turned out to be a poet. The day offered a wealth of fascinating insights into what poetry means to people. It also revealed that poetry plays a very important role in helping people cope with loss. Listen to all 16 soundbite street interviews below.

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