Pandemic Poetry

The Pandemic Poetry Anthology

The Pandemic Poetry Anthology is an initiative created by Z D Dicks, Poet Laureate of Gloucestershire.

It came about as a result of him being a frontline worker and his partner working on the Covid-19 ward. It was quickly recognised that PPE and resources would begin to get limited due to deliberate underfunding as a result of austerity. At this point Dicks put out a call online to ask for help.

People responded and have sent in poems, assisted with the organisation of submissions and have been very supportive. The cover has been designed and yet more need to be done.

Please send your poems to

The submissions are open until the last day of June. The poems should be loosely on the pandemic and no more than 60 lines but shorter poems of 20-40 lines would be preferable.

Are you a business, and want to get back to it? could you sponsor/offer resources?

Do you have a platform that could share this anthology?

We need your support.

All profits go to funding resources/PPE for frontline workers.

Be safe.