Soundbites Weeks – Day 4 – From Street To Coffee Bar – Poetry Alive!

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Day 4 of Soundbites Week at Gloucester Cross and Poetry Cafe Refreshed  at Smokey Joe’s Coffee Bar, Cheltenham.

Poets and poetry at Poetry Cafe Refreshed, Cheltenham and also at Gloucester, The Cross, during Day 4 of Soundbites Week. ‘The Search For Gloucestershire’s Next Poet Laureate’. We met some incredibly enthusiastic people at Gloucester Cross who watched our performances and gave us some wonderful interviews. Later, we attended Poetry Cafe Refreshed to see Gloucestershire poets in the open mic at the monthly event and also heard the guest poet, Julia Webb, perform from her book ‘Threat’ ( Nine Arches Press). Listen below to all 17 soundbites from Gloucester and Cheltenham.

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